50 – A minimalist in an urban jungle?

Plant lady is the new cat lady

Today i feel to write in english, so let’s do that. So my friends from outside of the Netherlands can read with me too! (And i know i will make mistakes) The plant lady is the new cat lady. Its something i see and hear more and more around me. People are going to eat ‘greener’ en healthier en same time they turn their houses into the a green place too. Fresh herbs but also a lot of just nice green plants.  A trend what is called ‘urban jungle’ populair for more then a year already and im guilty too! Im not a cat lady, will never be, more a dog lady but im definitely a plant lady. I turned my little room into an urban jungle. I have (counting) 27 plants now in my room and i don’t count the little once who are growing now next to big onces. Which is a lot for a person who, kill them all te time. I wrote about that a long time ago, but it’s seems i’m taking much better care of my babies this time! Every now and them i check them out, if they get new baby plants and if they grow. I killed one the Senecio, i called him ‘erwtje’. If you translate its pea, cause he looked like that but i don’t know what i did wrong but he turned from green in to grey haha. I need to try it another time again! (you see the addiciton?, it’s never enough).

Okay i will share a funny story. Onthe day before easter, i drove to Ranzijn, a garden center in Holland. I had one mission, i wanted to buy a Monstera Deliciosa, its a plant with big leaves and with some holes in the leaves. And it’s not so difficult to take care of him, i like him so i thought 1 + 1 = i need him! In holland we also call him ‘fingerplant’. Well i’m on my mission, let’s take a car for the store so i can put my plant inside, you never know how heavy he will be. I walked to the ‘plant area’ and i saw many, many beautiful plants that i want, but NO Maddie keep your mission clear. I found the Monstera and checked out which size i like, put it in the car and i was looking for a pot that fits him well. I see on a big, big sign, discount more then 40%. I tell myself ohh that’s all junk, so you don’t need to check that out. So i walked further with my plant and pot, ready to go to the counter, to pay and go home. Then my eye saw a big, real big Alocasia Zebrina. It’s a plant with a zebraprint on the branches (?) and big leaves. I was looking for this plants for a long time, same time someone told me its difficult to keep them alive so really not a plant for me, but he looks kind of cute. Anyway this one was to big for my room. I walked further, f*ck they have small onces of them too, and with discount of 50%. Ohh noo, i checked them out and before i knew i choose one and put it in my car, i need to look for a pot for this one too. I needed to turn around and check the other corner for the right size of a pot. Then i did the most stupid thing, i walked to the other discount area saw plants with discount, a full table! I was talking to myself, no you have already 1 more then needed. ( i need a plant, right?). My eye got in touch with a Calathea. I have one of them already, big leaves and they feel soft like velvet. But this one looks sad, some leaves are broken and he was for 60% discount cause he was so (almost) ugly. Same time i see new leaves are coming and i had the feeling i need to rescue him. Cause if i don’t buy him, nobody will probably do it. Maddie the plant rescuer! With big steps i walked to the counter, no chance to buy more or to take things out of the car. I put everything in my car and told myself im not allowed to visit a center like this soon. I can’t handle myself! Addicted.

Another funny thing, i asked myself the last couple of days several times. Is it possible to be a minimalist and an urban jungle lover at the same time. I’m sure about, that it’s not possible on the way i’m doing it right now. Cause i’m buying all plants, want to have them all and with them they need something to be watered in too (a pot?). So it cost a lot of money, same time my pilea (pancakeplant in holland) gives a lot of babies and they need new places to live in too. And like almost every human i’m getting that great feeling of buying new stuff. So i have to find something on that. I already have some ideas about it. I mean there are so many things we use everyday we throw away but if i really want to take care of my plants i can use it too for them. But is it minimal? Not really.

I think a minimalist room, is without decoration just a pastel colour or white colour on the wall, a couch, little table, one pillow and maybe a laptop or tablet. I like the idea of the most minimalist, to only use your room/house for things that you use, not for storage. But i still found it difficult to throw/give away all the things that i don’t use. My junk closet is still full of stuff that i didn’t touch for 2  months now. Anyway back to the minimalist room, they only want things in the room that they use, but same time plants, bring you fresh air and some kind of happiness, right? So it have a function too?

I’m wondering if there are any other urban jungle lovers and minimalist at the same time. And how do they deal with this?
Soon more about this subject, it’s interesting. Same time it is already two weeks ago that i wrote something, felt like a writers- block. But it actually feels great to share some mind thoughts and some questions.

Two Alocasia’s (one is the zebrina)

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